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Heavy-Duty Accumulation Conveyor (Electronically Controlled)

The Heavy-Duty Accumulating Conveyor (Electronically Controlled) is a flat belt driven live roller conveyor designed for use where zero-pressure accumulation, low elevation (12") and close roller centers are required.

Zero-Pressure Accumulation
Compact Drive
Low Elevation
Adjustable Floor Supports
Electronic Photo Eye Control

- 14 in. black PVC 120- CBS (cover both sides). Clipper unibar lacing.
BED - Roller bed with 2-1/2 in. dia. x 11 ga. unplated tread rollers spaced every 3 in. and 1.9 in. dia. x 16 ga. unplated pressure rollers spaced every 6 in. Mounted in 7-1/2 in. x 10 ga. powder painted formed
steel channel frame. Bolted together with butt coupling.
END DRIVE - Located on infeed end of conveyor.
DRIVE PULLEY - 8 in. dia. with 1-7/16 in. dia. shaft at bearings, machine crowned and fully lagged.
TAIL PULLEY - 4 in. dia. with 1 in. dia. shaft, machine crowned.
SNUB IDLER - Adjustable 2-5/8 in. dia. at drive pulley, 2-1/8 in. dia. at tail pulley. Pre-lubricated ball bearings.
TAKE-UP - 4 in. dia. with 1 in. dia. at shaft bearings, machine crowned.
SNUB IDLER - Adjustable 2-1/2 in. dia. pre-lubricated ball bearings.
RETURN IDLER - 2-1/8 in. dia. at drive end, all others 1.9 dia. unplated. Pre-lubricated ball bearings.
TAKE-UP - Take-up at tail pulley.
BEARINGS - Sealed, pre-lubricated, self-aligning ball bearings on drive and tail pulley. Sealed, pre-lubricated ball bearings in tread and pressure rollers.
TREAD ROLLER BRAKE - Friction type brake stops tread rollers to prevent coasting of product in accumulation zone.
ACCUMULATION MODULE - Located in each zone (Diffuse). Power supply must be located in the center - maximum 50 zones per power supply. UL and CSA approved.
AIR REQUIREMENTS - Recommended working pressure 40 P.S.I. Free air consumption at 40 P.S.I.– .028 cu. ft. per sensor actuation.
FILTER REGULATOR - Supplied for main air supply line. (3/8 in. NPT port).
SPEED REDUCTION - Sealed Helical–Bevel C-Face gear reducer. No.60 roller chain to drive pulley.
MOTOR - 3/4 HP–230/460V–3 PH. 60 Hz. Totally enclosed C-Face.
CAPACITY - Maximum load per linear foot of conveyor 1000 lbs. Maximum unit load 4000 lbs.
POWER SUPPLY - 27 VDC, 4 amp Power supply located near center of conveyor. Maximum of 50 zones per power supply (25 each side of power supply). Requires 120 VAC input.