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Low Profile Portable Parts Conveyor

The Low Profile Portable Parts Conveyor can be easily positioned under punch presses and extruding machines to catch small steel, plastics, or aluminum stampings, etc.

Belt with 1" High Metal Cleats
Underside Drive
5/8" Height Vertical Sides Above Cleat
Enclosed Box Construction
Belt Scraper
Adjustable Portable Supports
END DRIVE - Located on discharge end of conveyor. Chain guard located on left hand side.
BELT - Black Trackmate 533 COS-PVC (cover one side) with 1" high steel angle cleats on 12" centers.
Clipper unibar lacing.
BED - 7-1/4 in. x 12 ga. powder painted steel, formed side channel with bolted in slider bed which provides 1 in. high sides above belt.
BELT SCRAPER - Mounted inside conveyor bed section to clean underside of return belt.
PORTABLE BASE SUPPORT - Undercarriage is adjustable from 4 in. to 30 in. with 6 in. dia. rubber wheels.
DRIVE PULLEY - 4 in. dia. with 1 in. dia. shaft at bearings, machine crowned and fully lagged.
TAIL PULLEY - 4 in. dia. with 1 in. dia. shaft at bearings, machine crowned.
BELT RETURN - Belt cleats slide on flat metal return guide.
TAKE-UP - Take-up at tail pulley provides 6 in. of belt adjustment.
BEARINGS - Sealed, pre-lubricated ball bearings on drive and tail pulleys.
SPEED REDUCTION - Sealed worm gear C-Face speed reducer. No 50. roller chain to drive pulley
MOTOR - 1/2 HP–230/460V–3 Ph. 60 Hz. Totally enclosed C-Face.
BELT SPEED - Constant 25 FPM maximum.
CAPACITY - 100 lbs. total distributed live load.