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Pivoting Bow Arm Sorter

   The Pivoting Bow Arm Sorter is a precisely timed bow arm diverter designed for use with the belt
conveyor. The bow is specifically designed for diverting totes onto powered spurs.

Right Hand or Left Hand Diverts Available
Up to 40 Cartons Per Minute
PAINT - Powder painted black only with yellow guards
CAPACITY - 1 lb. minimum carton weight, 50 lb. maximum carton weight, 36 in. maximum carton length, 1 in. minimum carton height.
CYCLE RATE - Up to 40 cycles per minute.
AIR VALVE - 120 volt AC single solenoid air valve.
BOW ARM - Tubular steel construction with dogbone wearstrip face.
AIR FILTER REGULATOR - Supplied with safety shut off valve, 1/2 inch NPT inlet port.
AIR CYLINDER - Two 2-1/2 in. bore x 4 in. stroke.
AIR REQUIREMENTS - 80 PSI working pressure, free air consumption at 80 psi-0.14 cubic feet per cycle. Note: Include safety factor when calculating compressor size. (1-1/4 in. minimum air supply line recommended).