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Multi-Stage Right Angle Pusher

   The Multi-Stage Right Angle Pusher is a multi-stage right angle pusher designed to be used with the belt conveyor for sorting cartons or totes. Its compact telescoping design reduces the mounting space required over conventional inline right angle pushers and increases the cycle rate at which it can operate.

Right Hand or Left Hand Diverts Available
Up to 50 Cartons Per Minute
4 Stroke Lengths Available
PAINT - Powder painted black only with yellow guards
STROKE LENGTH - Available in 16, 22, 28, & 34 in. ranges. Duration of divert pulse to air valve will
determine exact stroke length within range. 
PUSHER FACE - 8 in. x 23 in. x 3/8 in. aluminum structure.
CAPACITY - 1 lb. minimum carton weight, 75 lb. maximum carton weight, 36 in. maximum carton length, 1 in. minimum carton height (see optional air assist feature for sorting light weight or bagged items).
CYCLE RATE - Up to 50 cycles per minute.
AIR VALVE - 120 volt AC single solenoid air valve.
AIR FILTER, REGULATOR - Supplied with safety shut off valve, 1/2 inch NPT inlet port.
AIR REQUIREMENTS - 80 PSI working pressure, free air consumption at 80 psi
     0.40 cubic feet per cycle for 16 in. stroke
     0.54 cubic feet per cycle for 22 in. stroke
     0.69 cubic feet per cycle for 28 in. stroke
     0.84 cubic feet per cycle for 34 in. stroke
     Note: Include safety factor when calculating compressor size.
     (1-1/4 in. minimum air supply line recommended).