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Overhead Push-Off

The Overhead Push-Off provides high speed automatic product diversion. Product may be diverted 90° onto another conveyor, chute, etc. or changed from one lane to another in parallel lines. Overhead design conserves space next to conveyor.

CAPACITY - 150 lbs. maximum package weight.
PACKAGE HEIGHT - Min. 4-1/2 in. (20 in. stroke), 6 in. (30 in. stroke)–max. 24 in.
CYCLES - Up to 20 times per minute.
PUSHER STROKE - 20 in. or 30 in.
PUSHER FACE - 18 in. long 1.9 in. dia. roller.
AIR CYLINDER - 2 in. bore double acting.
AIR VALVE - Double solenoid 4-way valve, 1/4 in.–20 NPT valve ports. Electrical requirements 120V–1 Ph. 60 Hz., current draw is .09 amps
AIR REQUIREMENTS - Min. pressure 60 P.S.I., max. 125 P.S.I. free air consumption at 60 P.S.I.–.105 cu. ft. per cycle for 20 in. stroke, .176 cu. ft. for 30 in. stroke.
Note: To eliminate contaminants in air supply line, a filter-regulator should be installed prior to the air valve (not supplied as standard).