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O-Ring Transfer

   O-Ring Transfers are used to move products at right angles to adjacent or parallel conveyor lines. An air bag lifts the transfer mechanism while powered O-Rings transfer the product. Linear bearings are used to guide transfer as it is raised and lowered.

CAPACITY - 75 lbs. maximum unit load.
TRANSFER O-RING - 3/8" dia. polyurethane o-ring.
TRANSFER SPEED - Same speed as conveyor.

DRIVE - Transfer is driven from line shaft of conveyor. Maximum of 4 transfers per drive.
- Mounted in 36 in. long section with 3 and 4 in. roller centers.
PNEUMATICS - Air bag (controlled by single solenoid valve) lifts transfer. Requires maintained electrical signal of 115V–1 Ph. 60 Hz. from photo cell, limit switch, etc. Transfer will stay in raised position until signal is broken. Current consumption is .09 amps. Air cylinders controlled by double solenoid valve which operates reversing mechanism. Requires momentary electrical signal to reverse.
AIR REQUIREMENTS - Minimum pressure 60 P.S.I., maximum 100 P.S.I. Free air consumption at 60 P.S.I., .033 cu. ft. per cycle.
Note: To eliminate contaminants in air supply line, a filter-regulator should be installed prior to the air valve (not supplied as standard).