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Drive-In Belt Conveyor

The Drive-in Belt Conveyor is a heavy duty conveyor that is ideal in warehouses where the loading process does not require extension changes.
Overall Width (approx.) 33 in
Belt Width (approx.) 24 in
Left to right steering with joy stick 8 to 10 degrees
Minimum top of belt height 32 in
Belt speed 60 FPM
In and out travel speed (approx.) 60 FPM
Capacity per linear foot 100 lbs
Maximum line load at any given time 1,000 lbs
Solid rubber tires 17 in diameter
Electrical requirements 480 VAC 3 Phas
Guide track keeps unit aligned under feeder conveyor
Safety stop on discharge end
Electronic package stop
E-Stop interlocks
4.5" Axle centers