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Magnetic Conveyor

The Magnetic Conveyor is ideally suited for applications requiring incline or decline, rapid accelerations, overhead pickoff and transfer, controlled drop, and ferrous/nonferrous separations.
Permanent ceramic magnets used to provide a wide variety of magnetic field strengths and locations
High impact-resistant single piece 10-gauge stainless steel frame
Extremely low profile conveyor - only 1.89" high
Zero down time during lubrication - No drive removal necessary
Less than 5-minute belt change provided by single point eccentric tensioning
Widths up to 24" and lengths up to 144" (Longer lengths available)
Heavy duty load carrying capacities up to 450 Lb.
Caged roller bearings equipped with seals to prevent contamination
Wide variety of application specific belting available
Wide variety of sides, guides, mounts, stands, drive packages and controls
Automation accessories: transfer plates, diverters, nose bars, adjustable stops and turning wheels