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Cross Belt Sorter Conveyor

The Cross Belt Sorter Conveyor (available in vertical and horizontal configuration), has a proportional drive system for the individual cross belts. It has the following advantages:

Individual Features
Modular and space saving structure
Input of packages in sortation direction and/or from either side
Packages may be introduced manually, semi-automatically, or fully automatically
Minimal space requirements for discharge of packages
Combo-fixture for holding sacks, totes or containers allows a change in seconds
Fast and Safe Transport
Modular and space saving structure
Handles various package types with differing structures, also suitable for very small parts and critical goods
Maximum sorting capacity without impact while allowing packages to maintain their orientation
Gentle treatment of sensitive goods
Exact disposition of packages from the sorter to their destinations
Containers filled with sorted goods may be transported inside the sorter to save space
Vertical and horizontal configuration
High-quality materials and premium component parts creates a nearly silent drive mechanism
Energy savings are realized through the use of drive wheels at each cross belt element
High reliable with minimum maintenance
Highly economical for rational picking and effective distribution while reducing manual labor
Sorter in horizontal version Sorter system for large letters and bundles
Sorter in vertical version