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Belt Curve Conveyor

The construction of the Belt Curve Conveyors are from aluminum profiles which are used as a base for additional construction. The belt runs on steel bed plates which are segmented dependent on the curve angle and radius. This allows for stable transportation through the curve angle. The drive of the system is effected by a proportional cam-drive unit, situated centrally underneath the belt and driven by a 3-phase motor and gearbox. The Centrifugal forces which tend to drive the belt to the inner radius are negated by spring-loaded bearings located on the outer circumference of the belt and held in place by a polyurethane guide. The end rollers are cylindrical, which allows easy adaptation to other conveyors.

The belt curve is used to move medium to very heavy or bulky piece goods, such as bins or suitcases at airports. This type of curve can transport loads of up to 75 kg/m, with a peak capacity of 300 kg per curve. This curve offers widths from 300 to 1500 mm., and speeds up to 3m/sec.