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Trash Belt Conveyor

The Trash Belt Conveyor is designed to handle empty cardboard boxes and paper trash.

7 Belt Widths
Center Drive
Integral Side Guards
Adjustable Floor Supports
Underside Bed Cover Full Length
BELT - Horizontal units: Ultimate 140 BOS–Nitrile, impregnated belt with one side brushed.
BED - 14 ga. formed steel slider bed bolted between two 7-1/2 in. deep x 12 ga. formed steel side channels with 6 in. high guards. Standard 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 ft. long sections.
CENTER DRIVE - Minimum elevation of 18-1/4 in. Can be placed on any section of conveyor length with a 12 ft. chain guard located on left hand side.
DRIVE PULLEY - 8 in. dia. with 1-3/16 in. dia. shaft at bearings. Machine crowned and fully lagged.
TAIL PULLEY - 4 in. dia. with 1 in. dia. shaft at bearings. Machine crowned 13 in., 19 in., and 25 in.
BR up to 150 ft. long. 6 in. dia. with 1-3/16 in. dia. shaft at bearings. Machine crowned all other applications. 
SNUB IDLER - Adjustable 2-1/8 in. dia. with HD pre-lubricated ball bearings. 
RETURN IDLER - Adjustable 1.9 in. dia. pre-lubricated bearings.
BEARINGS - Sealed, pre-lubricated, self-aligning, cast-iron ball bearings on drive and tail pulleys.
SPEED REDUCTION - Sealed worm gear C-Face speed reducer. No. 50, 60 or 80 roller chain to drive pulley depending on speed and length.
MOTOR - 3/4 HP–230/460V–3 Ph.–60 Hz. Totally enclosed C-Face.
BELT SPEED - Constant 65 FPM.
CAPACITY - Maximum load per linear foot of conveyor 10 lbs.
DUST PANS - Solid 16 ga. underside dust covers held in place by 1/4 turn screws for easy removal.
MANUAL UNDERSIDE TAKE–UP - Provides 16 in. of belt take-up up to 150 ft..
PNEUMATIC UNDERSIDE TAKE–UP - Provides 60 in. of belt take-up for conveyors over 150 ft.